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Kalonji is a writer of thinkpieces, currently oscillating between the metropolises of Chicago and Oakland.  He writes because we need new words to describe our multicultural predicament and new collective myths to inspire our future together.




Thinkpiece Archives:   

I Cannot Pronounce My Own Name

April 2016 | Mixed Company

An essay about my life long frustration with people mispronouncing my name, and a life changing ride with an Uber driver where I learned that I, myself, had been pronouncing it wrong the whole time. 

Putting "trans" Before "racial" Scares the Hell Out of Us

August 2015 | Medium

A defense of Rachael Dolezal, the divisive figure that claims to be trans-racial.  Are arguments to shun Rachael based in archaic "genetic" definitions of Blackness that may end up setting racial progress back 400 years.


I also edit an online publication called Mixed Company with two of my good friends Gulnaz Saiyed and Natalia Smirnov.

We are three writers from different walks of life who are venturing to do/say/write things with one another that we would normally only do/say/write in the safe space of our particular communities.  We write about the absurd challenge of developing our identities and worldviews in a multicultural world where there are several competing ideologies and worldviews that are all legitimate.  We try to explore what will happen in this mixed up moment, now that we have realized that the people who don't think like us, will most likely continue to exist.