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What Is A Cultural Psychologist?

What is a Cultural Psychologist?

As a cultural psychologist, I investigate how the human mind works.  Why do I do that?  Because as a guy with a human mind I understand that sometimes our minds work against us.  I understand how hard it is to cope with feelings and emotions, to focus our minds on our goals, to find meaning in our lives and to heal from trauma.  Our hope as psychologists is to teach society (its individuals and its institutions) how to optimally use their minds to pursue wellness, safety, prosperity, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  

The cultural part of "cultural psychologist" refers to the fact that I believe there are multiple cultural traditions and philosophies (from Ancient Egyptian to Buddhist) that can inform us about the nature of our minds, and about ways we can use our mental power for the benefit of ourselves and others. In the field of psychology we have had a number of brilliant scholars who have challenged the notion that Western minds and cultures are the be all end all of human functioning.  This pantheon of psychologists conducted studies in Algeria, India, Liberia, and worked with participants that spanned the spectrum of human diversity from rural farmers , in order to show that our mental functions are unique to the communities we develop in.